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Inside of Bogor Botanic Garden

It's weekend and you are confused where to spend it?
Bogor Botanic Garden can be the place to spend your holiday.. Fresh air and green views everywhere, can make your soul be more calm and healthier.. :)

Bogor Botanic Garden or (in Indonesian language: Kebun Raya Bogor) is one of seven famous botanic gardens in the world. It has 87 ha. and filled by more than 15.000 kinds of plants. Bogor Botanic Garden is the oldest botanic garden in Asia.

Bogor Botanic Garden also known as the house of Rafflesia Patma (Bunga Bangkai -  Rafflesia Arnoldi's family).

Rafflesia Patma (Bunga Bangkai). Only in specific periode this flower blooming. Photo by Google

What we can do in this botanic garden? A LOT!
You can play, sport (running, riding bycicle, skateboard, yoga, etc), hunting pictures, relaxation, studying, picnic, etc..

In this place, you can see many gardens. These gardens are designed by unique themes, such as Palm Garden (it means that this garden is full with many kind of palm trees), Bamboo Garden, etc.

It is also cheap if you spend your holiday here. The ticket only IDR 15K to enter Bogor Botanic Garden. And it is easy to visit this botanic garden by public transportation. Please read How to Visit Bogor Botanical Garden by Public Transportation in this article

Olrite.. let's take a walk and see inside of Bogor Botanic Garden.. ;)

Mexican Garden

Mexican Garden at Bogor Botanic Garden? seriously??
Yup... when the first time I heard this statement I think it was kind of joke, but it wasn't! a friend of mine showed me pictures of a lot of cactus in giant size along with sand and rocks and looked dry..  Mexican Park  really exist at Bogor Botanic Garden! woohoo... no need to go to Mexican then, hehehe..:))

That saturday morning, me and my friends left Jakarta to Bogor by train (commuter line). We arrived at Bogor Botanic Garden around 09 AM. The first thing that we did was looking for Mexican Garden..!

As you see.. Bogor Botanic Garden is very huge! we don't bring bycicle so we have to walk to find it. (yes.. we can bring bike but we must pay more for the bike.. check this to see the ticket price for the bike).

Mexican Garden is not far from the entrance. We just need to follow the sign. I said a big O for this garden. Mexican Garden is very beautifulll.. There are so many cactus in giant size with many kind of shape..  These cactus stand on white sand which filled by rock. I heard that these cactus were imported directly from Mexican!.. ^^

Mexican Garden

In the middle of Mexican Garden

Beautiful Cactus Flower.. ^^

Omg! see those grafitties? please don't do this bad thing! It hurts the cactus and it can't be erased forever :((

Me and giant cactus.. ^^

Entertaining area inside Mexican Garden. Let's sing everybodihh..^^

Palm Garden

Near Mexican Garden, we can find Palm Garden. As its name, this park is filled by so many kind of palm trees. So many giant palm here, with big root and trunk.

At the center of Palm Garden

Trunks of palm tree

Pretty palms..^^

The Center

If we go deeper, we will find the center of Bogor Botanic Garden. It is a very large field covered by grass. There is a restaurant at the end of this field (De daunan Cafe). This place become favourite place for picnic, specially for family who bring children.. ^^

Green field at the center of Bogor Botanic Garden

Orchid House

After  we pass The Center of Bogor Botanic Garden, we will find a building. This building is the house of orchid (Griya Anggrek). So many orchids live in this house. They came from all around Indonesia, and some of them are made by cross-over or hybrid.

Griya Anggrek (house of orchid) at Bogor Botanic Garden

Moon Orchid ^^

This place enough cozy but not much kind of orchid that I found here. And  just some orchid that were bloomming.. :(
But I like this place.. :D

Pink, white, combain with purple

Inside the house of orchid


Green orchid

Chocolate and purple orchid

See? Indonesia has alot of beautiful orchids with unique and variation colour and shape.. I really hope the local government can give more attention and contribute to this orchid house. Imagine if we can make this house bigger and filled it with more orchids, I am sure we can compete with National Orchid Garden Singapore.. :)
(you can see my story about National Orchid Garden Singapore here )

Bogor Zoologi Museum

Around 300 m from the entrance, we can find Bogor Zoologi Museum. In this place we can see alot of museum collections (animals which are preserved). Here also lying a huge skeleton of a giant whale. This place is good for us to study about animals. How they live, eat, survive, where they come from, etc.

Bogor Zoologi Museum

Inside the museum

One-horned rhino. This rino's body is real. It was preserved.

Giant skeleton of Blue Whale. It has length: 27,25 m, total wight: 119.000 kg, skeleton weight: 64.000 kg.

That's it..
For more pictures and nice spots in Bogor Botanic Garden, please check this
I hope you enjoy my pictures and happy spending your weekend in Bogor Botanic Garden..^^


Ifa Abdoel

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