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Weekend Getaway - White Crater (Ciwidey)

Due to busy work & rainy season (that made me hibernate at my cozy room) & lazy (this is the true reason.. :p), finally I am blogging againn.. (^__^)

If you live in Jakarta, and want to spend your weekend, why don't you try to visit Ciwidey, Bandung?

Ciwidey or known as Kawah Putih (White Crater), is one of the best scenery that you can see in West Java.
(FYI, Ciwidey is the name of an area in south of Bandung City, West Java Province, Indonesia. It has some tourist attractions. One of those tourist attractions is Kawah Putih (White Crater). In common, when people said that they want to go to Ciwidey, others will assume that they will go to Kawah Putih (White Crater). For more info about White Crater, please check wikipedia).

But.. it is a big NO! if you want to go to Ciwidey during rainy season. Why? here is my story.. ;)

My journey to White Crater - Ciwidey, has planned since many many weeks ago, but accomplished on Saturday, December 12, 2014 (now you see.. how long that I took to write this article.. :p). This is my 2nd times to visit this place.

That day was a shiny day when three of us left Kampung Rambutan Bus Station. It was around 08.30 AM when the bus was entering the highway.
(Note: You can take a bus to Bandung from bus stations in Jakarta. There are some bus stations, such as Kampung Rambutan, Lebak Bulus, Pulo Gadung, and Rawamangun, that provide buses to Bandung.
Or you can take travel bus, such as Cipaganti, or train. It is all up to you).

Groufie at the bus.. ^^