"Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there" - Laut bukan tempat sampah!


Shopping Area Around Bangkok

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From Tiger Temple, we rode back to River Kwai Bridge. Our guide said that we have to change the car, what? geezzz...
We stopped right in front of gem market, I guessed this was his trick so we go for shopping gems. There were so many gem shops that selling various colours and shapes of gems here.. :p

Gem Market, near River Kwai Bridge and Jeath War Museum

This gem market is not far from River Kwai Bridge, about 200 m, and also close to Jeath War Museum. Yupp.. Jeath War Museum was next to me and I did not relize it until I saw an old train in front of the museum.. ;))

In front of Jeath War Museum.


Amazing Tiger Temple - Kanchanaburi

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Day 4, Friday 06 Dec' 2013

Early in the next morning I left hostel and walked along Khaosan Road and arrived at Ratchadamnoen Road. As you know, Khaosan, Rambutri, and Ratchadamnoen Road are near each other. At those roads, we can find alot of small alleys that filled by hostel or guesthouse. These hostels mostly are cheap, starting from 100 bath for dormitory room and 150 bath for a single room.

At Ratchadamnoen area, I found CH. 2 Guesthouse. This guesthouse has 4 floors. I have to pay 150 bath/night for single room. Single room is on 4th floor, and... it was quite tiring to go to 4th floor.. (-_-*)
Only a bed and a fan at the top of the roof  that I saw in this single room. The bathroom is outside. I have to use sharing bathroom with other guests. But that was okay, cos the bathrooms are clean. I decided to move here 'cos I can save enough money if I stayed here.. :D

Afterwards I went back to hostel that I stayed before, to checkout and moved to CH. 2 Guesthouse. After I paid for one night, I put my backpack at my room and went out. It was a lovely morning. Sunshine was shining brightly.

Khaosan Road area and pink cabs

At the corner of the alley, I saw a woman who was selling beverage. I got closer to her and found that she sold hot thai tea.. yeaayyy..  and its cost only 20 bath, slurrppp.. sooo deliciousss.. (^_^)
With hot thai tea on my hand, I walked to tour agency at Khaosan Road. That day I will go to Kanchanaburi to visit Tiger Temple.

Near tour agency I was looking for something to eat and I found coconut cake. Its cost only 20 bath for 8 small pieces. This cake is sweet and delicious... recomend to try ^^