"Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there" - Laut bukan tempat sampah!


Road to Curug 1000

Starting from What'sapp group conversation... I joined this trip. Went to Curug 1000 (Thousand Waterfall) and trekking to Kawah Ratu.
First of all, you should know that I dont really like trekking trip, specially mountain trekking...:p
Not because I dont like mountain, but I cant stand the cold weather... *___* '

On 'Whatsapp' group, some of my friends told me that this trip will be fun, full experience, and not too cold at all. Waaahhh... That's made me courious, not too cold? Olrite... I'll joint the trip. Moreover, my friend will prepare a thick jacket for me to used, okelahkalobegetooo... ^__^

First, there were 9 people joined this trip: me, Mbak Erna, Yuni, Sarri, Danang, Febri, Ochim, Bayu, & Rafki. Sarri & Ochim went by motorcycle, the rest by angkot...^__^
Olrite... here is my story...