"Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there" - Laut bukan tempat sampah!


Inside of Bogor Botanic Garden

It's weekend and you are confused where to spend it?
Bogor Botanic Garden can be the place to spend your holiday.. Fresh air and green views everywhere, can make your soul be more calm and healthier.. :)

Bogor Botanic Garden or (in Indonesian language: Kebun Raya Bogor) is one of seven famous botanic gardens in the world. It has 87 ha. and filled by more than 15.000 kinds of plants. Bogor Botanic Garden is the oldest botanic garden in Asia.

Bogor Botanic Garden also known as the house of Rafflesia Patma (Bunga Bangkai -  Rafflesia Arnoldi's family).

Rafflesia Patma (Bunga Bangkai). Only in specific periode this flower blooming. Photo by Google

What we can do in this botanic garden? A LOT!
You can play, sport (running, riding bycicle, skateboard, yoga, etc), hunting pictures, relaxation, studying, picnic, etc..

In this place, you can see many gardens. These gardens are designed by unique themes, such as Palm Garden (it means that this garden is full with many kind of palm trees), Bamboo Garden, etc.

It is also cheap if you spend your holiday here. The ticket only IDR 15K to enter Bogor Botanic Garden. And it is easy to visit this botanic garden by public transportation. Please read How to Visit Bogor Botanical Garden by Public Transportation in this article

Olrite.. let's take a walk and see inside of Bogor Botanic Garden.. ;)