"Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there" - Laut bukan tempat sampah!


Wat Arun & Asiatique Night Market

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After took a rest for a while and sholat, I went out from hostel. First tourist attraction that I want to see is Royal Palace. According to my notes, I can visit Royal Palace by foot because it is near from Khaosan Road area.

My lunch: banana pancake (only 20 bath)  & chicken wing fried (30 bath).

Then, I decided to walk to visit Royal Palace, but I got lost.. (-_-*)
I met an officer and ask her where it was. She gave me clue but then I got lost again.. (-_-*)
O my God... I felt tired and got sweat for walking around in circle.
And I met another officer, he said that Royal Palace was closed that day for an event to celebrate king's birthday.. haiizzz (-_-*)

By the way when I got lost, I walked around Ratchadamnoen Klang Road area, near Democracy Monument. In this area, I saw lots of people in yellow shirts walking around, holding a demonstration. As you might know, these days people in Thailand specially Bangkok, are holding demonstration to force down goverment that led by Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and to speed up the election.

Because of this demonstration, Ratchadamnoen Road and surrounding area were closed! Cars, motorcycles, taxies, buses, etc, can not pass this road, they have to turn around.

Beside filled by demonstrans, Ratchadamnoen roadsides also have been filled with some small white tents, sellers, etc. They were selling lots of accessories which related to demonstration, such as small Thai flags, nackless, rings, bandanna, glasses with flag's colours, etc.


My Green Project - Vertical Garden From Plastic Bottles

(English version)

Instead of making people's life easier, industries whose use plastic bottles to produce their products (specially food and beverage) make environmental damage. Because, it takes million years for plastic bottles to decompose with nature.

Luckily, there are industries and people who recycle and reuse trash from plastic bottles to be another products. So, it helps environment to be more clean, but still.. we can find a lot of trash of plastic bottles everywhere around us.

Now, how we are going to help our environment to be more clean and healthy?
It is simple question but not easy to do. Many of us are too lazy or too don't have time or too not care to make it clean and healthy.

In this blog, I am asking you to join My Green Project that many people around the world have tried this. It is to reduce trash of plastic bottles and make them useful things. I will show you how to make Vertical Garden From Plastic Bottles in simple way.

This Vertical Garden that I made, based on video from Youtube. That video was made by Prof. Dr. Willem Van Chotem (University of Ghent, Belgium).

Tools that you need:
1. Plastic bottles.
2. Nail/knife.
3. Cutter/scissor.
4. Seeds/root crops.
5. Wire/rope.

(above) plastic bottles, cutter, nail, and seeds. (below) seeds and wire


Back to Bangkok..

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Finally, I arrived at Hua Lamphong/Bangkok Station. It was so pleasure came back again to Bangkok.. ^^ After I got out of the train, I walked through the alley and found different atmosphere at train station. The station was full of flowers and photos.

Bangkok Railway Station

Beautiful yellow flowers displayed in every corner, and King Bhumibol Adulyadej's photos were filling the space at the center of the platform's station. At the railway, stood a kingdom train in yellow colour also. O my o my.. I realized that everything related to the kingdom is using yellow colour.. one of my favourite colour.. love it! ^_^

Yellow train, yellow flowers ^^