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My Green Project - Vertical Garden From Plastic Bottles

(English version)

Instead of making people's life easier, industries whose use plastic bottles to produce their products (specially food and beverage) make environmental damage. Because, it takes million years for plastic bottles to decompose with nature.

Luckily, there are industries and people who recycle and reuse trash from plastic bottles to be another products. So, it helps environment to be more clean, but still.. we can find a lot of trash of plastic bottles everywhere around us.

Now, how we are going to help our environment to be more clean and healthy?
It is simple question but not easy to do. Many of us are too lazy or too don't have time or too not care to make it clean and healthy.

In this blog, I am asking you to join My Green Project that many people around the world have tried this. It is to reduce trash of plastic bottles and make them useful things. I will show you how to make Vertical Garden From Plastic Bottles in simple way.

This Vertical Garden that I made, based on video from Youtube. That video was made by Prof. Dr. Willem Van Chotem (University of Ghent, Belgium).

Tools that you need:
1. Plastic bottles.
2. Nail/knife.
3. Cutter/scissor.
4. Seeds/root crops.
5. Wire/rope.

(above) plastic bottles, cutter, nail, and seeds. (below) seeds and wire

Step by step How To Make Vertical Garden From Plastic Bottles:
In this case, I use 5 plastic bottles to make a simple Vertical Garden.

(pic 1).
Cut the bottom part of bottle with cutter/scissor.

cut each bottom part of bottles with cutter/scissor. (pic. 1)

(pic 2).
Pick two bottles.
On first bottle, make one small hole at bottle cup and some small holes around top of bottle (which is near the cup). We are going to put this bottle at the bottom part. We name this bottle: Number #1.
On second bottle, make only one small hole at bottle cup. We name this bottle: Number #5.

Bottle Number #1 dan #5. (pic. 2)

(pic 3).
Put soil and compost into bottle Number #1 and two others. Only 3/4 part of bottle that has to fill with soil and compost.

soil and compost in the bottle. (pic. 3)

(pic 4).
Stack those three bottles on vertical way. Bottle Number #1 at the bottom.
By the way, second and third bottle are not using cup.

stack the bottles. (pic. 4)

(pic 5).
Make a gap in the middle of bottle with cutter. And than, put seeds or root crop into gap.

Gap to put seeds or root crop. (pic. 5)

(pic 6).
Bundle each bottles with wire or rope at long stick.
First bottle (at the bottom) is empty.
Second bottle until fourth bottle are filled with soil and seeds.
Fifth bottle is empty. This bottle has one hole at the center of cup (bottle Number #5). We can fill this fifth bottle with water. The water will turn down smoothly through one small hole at cup, and it will be stored in the bottom of bottle.
We can use the water (at bottom bottle) to watering again. So, this technique is trully water-saving.

Final result, vertical garden from plastic bottles. (pic 6)

(pic 7).
The Red Spinach's seeds are growing after three days.

Red spinach's seeds after three days.. lovely ^^ (pic. 7)

Done! Now, you just have to wait for crops.. ^_^

I hope this article and pictures help you to make better environment by making vertical garden, and make us more wisely with the use of plastic bottles.

Happy gardening everybody.. ^_^


Ifa Abdoel

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