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Wat Arun & Asiatique Night Market

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After took a rest for a while and sholat, I went out from hostel. First tourist attraction that I want to see is Royal Palace. According to my notes, I can visit Royal Palace by foot because it is near from Khaosan Road area.

My lunch: banana pancake (only 20 bath)  & chicken wing fried (30 bath).

Then, I decided to walk to visit Royal Palace, but I got lost.. (-_-*)
I met an officer and ask her where it was. She gave me clue but then I got lost again.. (-_-*)
O my God... I felt tired and got sweat for walking around in circle.
And I met another officer, he said that Royal Palace was closed that day for an event to celebrate king's birthday.. haiizzz (-_-*)

By the way when I got lost, I walked around Ratchadamnoen Klang Road area, near Democracy Monument. In this area, I saw lots of people in yellow shirts walking around, holding a demonstration. As you might know, these days people in Thailand specially Bangkok, are holding demonstration to force down goverment that led by Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and to speed up the election.

Because of this demonstration, Ratchadamnoen Road and surrounding area were closed! Cars, motorcycles, taxies, buses, etc, can not pass this road, they have to turn around.

Beside filled by demonstrans, Ratchadamnoen roadsides also have been filled with some small white tents, sellers, etc. They were selling lots of accessories which related to demonstration, such as small Thai flags, nackless, rings, bandanna, glasses with flag's colours, etc.

(up) Democracy Monument, seller, empty road. (down) beautiful yellow flowers along Ratchadamnoen Road.

(up) demonstran with yellow shirts & Ratchadamnoen Road. (down) Drumband on the street to celebrate king's birthday.

From Ratchadamnoen I walked to Phra Arttit Pier. It is quite long enough to walk in the middle of the sunshine.. *melting (-_-*)
After 15 minutes walking, I hitted Phra Arthit Pier and waited for orange flag boat. Well, that day I want to spend time by visiting Wat Arun Temple.

short way to Phra Arthit Pier.

Phra Atit Pier.

I have to pay 15 bath to Tha Tien Pier. At Tha Tien Pier, there is another pier for public who want to go to Wat Arun temple. This pier is special for visiting Wat Arun Temple. We only have to pay 3 bath for boat to across. Cheap? o yes.. ^_^

(up - down) Wat Arun Temple from across, Tha Tien Pier, and inside the boat crossing to Wat Arun Temple.

Wat Arun Temple

Around 5 minutes crossing Chao Praya River, I arrived at Wat Arun Temple Pier. Then I went out from the boat, walked to entrance and buy a ticket, its cost 50 bath.
Afterwards, I just straight went to the stairs and climb up the temple. Yupp... Wat Arun or famous as Temple of Dawn is one of the tallest temple in Bangkok. They said it has 250 feet high.

Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn).

Climbing the temple & at the top of temple.

View from the top, we can see Royal Palace.

Wat Arun is a buddhist temple. According to wikipedia, this temple derives its name from the Hindu God, Aruna, often personified as the radiations of the rising sun. Interesting rite? A buddhist temple which is called by the name of Hindu God. More info please check wikipedia page :)

Me and statue..:p

Me again..^^

To celebrate King's birthday, there was an event that held at the front yard.

It was about one hour I stayed in this temple. Before went back, I took some pictures at the front yard. There was an event that will be held at the front yard to celebrate King's birthday. But, I rather not to see that celebration, if the celebration held at night.

Then I crossed the river again and paid 3 bath to Tha Tien Pier.
From Tha Tien Pier, I went to Reclining Budha Temple by foot. The location of Reclining Budha is very near from Tha Thien Pier. You just have to walk outside the pier until you find the main road, and then you will see the building at the right side (around 200 m from Tha Thien Pier).

Recicling Buddha Temple and a small park next to Tha Tien Pier.

At the gate, there is a ticket booth. I must pay 100 bath to come inside. Then I gave the officer a piece of 500 bath. She said, "We don't have change. Do you have 100 bath?"
I said, I don't have.
She looked at me straight, silence, and than ignoring me.. what?? f**k!

Suddenly my passion to see Reclining Budha has gone.. Not only because the officer's attitude but I got bored to see temple, again and again.. (-_-)
Then I walked outside, went back to pier. I decided to go to Asiatique, but I got confused how to go to Asiatique? which pier should I stop?

Lucky me, there were two women sitting on chair near me.They are from Japan and can speak English.  I asked them and those women said that I have to stop at Sapan Tak Sim/Satorn Pier. I can't stop smile when I heard that info. Thank God! ^_^

FYI: If you want to go to Asiatique night market by boat. You just have to stop at Sapan Tak Sim/Satorn Pier. From that pier there is a special pier which is crossing service to Asiatique night market. And only a few of Thai people understand English, you get lucky if you find the one who can :D).

Only 15 bath from Tha Tien Pier to Sapan Tak Sim/Satorn Pier that I have to pay. It was 05.30 pm when I hitted at Satorn Pier.
As I said before, there are three piers at Satorn Pier. One of them is crossing service to Asiatique night market. There are many clues that you can read, so you won't get wrong pier.

But, waiting for the boat to Asiatique really need extra patience. I must stand a half hour to wait for the boat.. *feel tired* (-_-)
At 05.30 pm, the boat finally came and I went inside of it. It is free, no charge! ^_^

FYI: schedule free boat to Asiatique from 04.00 pm - 11.30 pm.

free boat to asiatique..

Asiatique - Night Market

Around 10 minutes latter, I arrived at Asiatique night market. Asiatique The Riverfront is the newest Bangkok Night Market. It is also be called a shopping and lifestyle complex. Here, you can find alot of shops and restaurants in various shapes. But it is enough expensive if you eat or buy things in this market.

Inside of Asiatique.

Lots of stores and restaurants at Asiatique.

In this area, you also can see Y Max Real 4D, Calypso show (lady boy show) and Joe Louise Puppet show (puppet show). And if you want to play something high, you can take Mekhong ferris wheel.

Mekhong ferris wheel.

in front of Asiatique.

After sightseeing about 1 hour, I left Asiatique.
It was 19.45 pm when I came back to Khaosan Road and I was starving to death.. -_-
Dinner at roadside of Khaosan Road was my choice. Roasted Duck with rice was only 60 bath and so yummy to eat.. ^^
For drink, I prefer bought it at Sevel. You can find Sevel everywhere in Bangkok. Around 6 - 9 bath for a bottle of mineral water. Choose the green bottle one, it is cheaper than others.. :D

I saw fire works when I was passing Soi Chana Road. I almost forgot that day was King's birthday ^^

Rambutri and Khaosan Road at night.

Roasted duck with rice.. yummy.. ^^

After dinner, I was looking for a tour to Kanchanaburi at tour agencies. There are some tour agencies at Khaosan Road area. I asked those tour agencies one by one, how much for Tiger Temple tour at Kanchanaburi. After bargaining with one of those tour agencies, I got 1.050 bath for Tiger Temple tour.

FYI: Don't forget to bargain before you agree to take a tour with tour agency.

Afterwards, I went back to hostel, I felt so tired and want to go to sleep... zzzz...

to be continue.. Amazing Tiger Temple - Kanchanaburi


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