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Bogor Botanic Garden & Commuter Line

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As I said before, I will show you how to visit Bogor Botanic Garden from Jakarta, by a very cheap public transportation. It is Commuter Line (train).

Commuter Line or CL is mass public transportation that connecting Jakarta with suburb areas such as Bogor, Depok, Bekasi, Serpong, and Tangerang.

To visit Bogor Botanic Garden, we have to use CL route Jakarta - Bogor or Jatinegara - Bogor.

The ticket price for CL is very cheap. For example, from Jakarta - Bogor only IDR 11K with refundable deposit IDR 5K. So the ticket from Jakarta - Bogor actually is only IDR 6K, very cheap rite? :)
For information about CL ticket you can find in this link and this

Commuter Line (CL). pic by google

I arrived at Bogor Train Station around 09 AM. From in front of Bogor Train Station, I took a small bus (green car or angkot) No. 02. This green car will take you exactly to in front of main entrance Bogor Botanic Garden. Its fare is IDR 3K/person.

Main entrance Bogor Botanic Garden

Before we enter Bogor Botanic Garden, we must buy ticket. It it enough cheap:
IDR 14K for person/adult.
IDR 25K for foreigner/person.
IDR 30K for car.
IDR 5K for motorcycle.

Because of this botanic garden is very huge, we are allowed to bring our own bicycle.. ^^
But we must pay again for the bike, IDR 5K/bicycle. And if you want to rent a bike, you must pay IDR 10K /bike (20 inch) and IDR 15K/bike (24 inch).

Ticket price to enter Bogor Botanic Garden

Or.. if you want to spend your time by surrounding Bogor Botanic Garden, you can use a tourist car for IDR 10K/person. This car will bring you go arounding Bogor Botanic Garden, nice isn't it? ;)
By the way, the rent place is near Koperasi building, not far from the entrance :)

Ticket price for tourist car and rent bike at Bogor Botanic Garden

What will you see inside of Bogor Botanic Garden? you can find it on my previous article: Inside of Bogor Botanic Garden
But, I will give you more picture about what we can see inside of Bogor Botanic Garden. Please take a look ;)

Red Bridge

Red bridge at Bogor Botanic Garden. They said, there's a mith according to this bridge: if you bring your girl/boyfriend and take a picture on this bridge then your relationship will break up.. believe or not?

Giant Trees

It was very nice walking along this street with giant trees beside us. Sometimes people used this street to take pre-wedd pictures.

Deer at Bogor Palace Park

These deer are in Bogor Palace Park. We can see these deer from Bogor Botanic Garden.

That's it.. I hope you enjoy walking aroung Bogor Botanic Garden.. ;)
By the way, if you want to come back to Bogor Train Station to use Commuter Line, you can't wait for the bus in front of entrance of Bogor Botanic Garden.

You must walk about 100m to BTM (Bogor Trade Mall). You can find small bus (green car) No. 02 in front of this mall. This green car will take to to Bogor Train Station.

Have a nice weekend guys... ^^


Ifa Abdoel

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