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Road to Curug 1000

Starting from What'sapp group conversation... I joined this trip. Went to Curug 1000 (Thousand Waterfall) and trekking to Kawah Ratu.
First of all, you should know that I dont really like trekking trip, specially mountain trekking...:p
Not because I dont like mountain, but I cant stand the cold weather... *___* '

On 'Whatsapp' group, some of my friends told me that this trip will be fun, full experience, and not too cold at all. Waaahhh... That's made me courious, not too cold? Olrite... I'll joint the trip. Moreover, my friend will prepare a thick jacket for me to used, okelahkalobegetooo... ^__^

First, there were 9 people joined this trip: me, Mbak Erna, Yuni, Sarri, Danang, Febri, Ochim, Bayu, & Rafki. Sarri & Ochim went by motorcycle, the rest by angkot...^__^
Olrite... here is my story...

Day 1 (02 July 2011)

According to itinerary, the point meeting were in Lebak Bulus station @ 07.30 - 08.00 am. I arrived @ 07.45 am, but Bayu & Rafki earlier... @ 06.30 am ;))
Oya, Bayu came from Karawang and Rafki from Bandung, they both my new friend... ^__^
They decided to came earlier 'cos they were afraid to missed this trip...:p

And guess what? the rest came at 08.30 am! gubrakkk... :O
After all the participant assemble, we went to Curug 1000 by blue angkot (public transportation) to Parung. In Parung, we stopped @ Parung market and paid IDR 5K/person. *beuh..*

Than we change vehicle, this time we used blue angkot to Bogor. We stopped @ Atangsanjaya area and paid IDR 4K. It was already 10.45 am. In this Atangsanjaya area, we were lunch and waiting for another angkot to brought us to Bunder Mountain village. This time, we used angkot belongs to Pak Asep. We paid him IDR 200K, for two days.

lunch at Atangsanjaya area

angkoters... ^__^

At 13.00 pm we arrived @ Bunder Mountain village, we have to pay IDR 6K (IDR 3,5K to enter Bunder Mountain village and IDR 2,5K for ticket entry to National Park Halimun Salak Mountain).
Twenty minutes later we reached tourism area. We stopped @ Pak Ujang's place. At Pak Ujang's place, we took a rest and prepared for Curug 1000 journey. (Pak Ujang's Cell Phone = 085813820651).

Bale-bale where we were sleep...

Pak Ujang's place...

Hmmm... cold air ambushed me and when I washed my face, the water is extremly cold... bbrrr.... :O
About 14.00 pm, we went to Curug 1000 by Pak Asep's angkot (public transportation). But suddenly... one of the wheel tire popping. Than we went out from the vehicle and waiting Pak Asep fixed it... :p

wheel tire popping... :p

narcissistic first...^__^

Only 15 minutes we were waiting, thx GoD... ^__^ than, we continue riding to Curug 1000. Fifteen minutes late, we arrived. To enter this place, we have to pay IDR 4K/person *beuhh..*

the bridge...

the path and the river...

And than, we walked through rocky path. At the beginning, the path was ascending... later, the path go down and sleppery, so we have to be very careful... O my GoD, this path hurts my knees...*__*

 first I still smile... but then..(*__*!)

 pleaseee...  throw your rubbish in garbage *__*

for several times I have to stop, take a rest and take deep breathhh... hhhuuuufffttt
But my heart really broke when I saw lots of rubbish in this area... on the path.. along the way to waterfall, I saw lots of rubbish.... oh GoD... *__*  
After around one hour walking, we found a small waterfall...

team narcissistic... coolll... ^__^

Than we walked again... Finally... after 5 minutes walking, we arrived at Curug 1000 (Thousand Waterfall)... Owww... this waterfall very big and awesomehhh.... ^___^

Curug 1000 (Thousand Waterfall)... awesome ^__^

twins ---> me & d waterfall.... ^__^

like usual... keep on narcicus ... ^__^

Some friends jump into the water and I just saw them with green envy... I want to jump into the water but the water is very cold... like ice... :O
So, I sat on rock and watched some of my friends swimming in the river. Suddenly I saw a man, first we looking each other... and than we laugh... ;))
He was my college friend, his name is Edwin. After we shake hands, we chit chat for a while... suprisingly meet someone you knew in this area... ^__^

friends... happy chasing... ( ^o^ )

After that, those who already in the water whooping on me to join them.... andddd... I tempted to swimming, so I jump into the cold water... Oooo myyy GoooDDD.... soooo freezinggggg... bbrrrrr....:O

"Come on peh, dont just stand there... you have to walk and swim and keep moving, so your body get warm," said Mba Erna and Danang, encouraging me. Olrite... I do what they said. And yes they were right... my body a little bit warm if I keep moving... =D

finally... I jump into the cold water... Aaaaaaaaa... ^__^

A half hour later, we decided to go from this waterfall.
Before we go, I took this pic, near the waterfall... :'(( I saw lots of rubbish. The beauty of waterfall has been ruin by these rubbish. So... If you go to this place, please bring a plastic bag as a garbage and put your own trash into it. And than throw it on garbage when you came back to the main gate... I'm sure you want to do that.. :)

lots of rubbish... 
this is a hole & people used it as a garbage... It's not a garbage!!!

With wet clothes, I have to walk back through the same path, ascending.. ascending... and ascending, it really hurts my knees.. (-__-!)
I felt the road to go back was longer than come (-__-*)

About one hour walking, finally I arrived at the main gate and coincided with that, the rain fall... first just a little and than more heavy... We decided to leave that place and go back to Pak Ujang's place.
When we reached Pak Ujang's place, the rain still fall. Immediately, I changed my cloths with dry one, eat bread and drank hot coffee milk... hhhuuuffftttt... it was really frozen.. (*__*)

Around 08 pm, we having dinner. For dinner, we can order to Pak Ujang's wife (what we want to eat). Each of us only paid IDR 10K *beuh...*

having dinner... :D

After dinner, one of my friend (Rafki) decided to leave Pak Ujang's place. He was coldness. He cant stand any longer in that place. So, that night Rafki went to Pak Ujang's hostel in the village to get warm place.
Lucky I brought my LongJhon clothes. This clothes make me warm enough.... ^__^
And than I felt sleepy... I decided to go to bed earlier than my friend.... nite all... zzzzz

to be continue... Tracking Ke Kawah Ratu

Ifa Abdoel

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