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A Little Souvenir from Pekan Raya Jakarta 2011

Hello fellas...
This time, I would like to write about Jakarta Fair 2011 at my blog... 

Yesterday I went to Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ) or Jakarta Fair 2011, at JIExpo, Kemayoran. From 9th June - 10 July 2011, this event will be held. Almost every year I went to this event.

As you know, this goal event is to promote Jakarta culture of heritage, and also to celebrate Jakarta 484th anniversary. Yup... my beloved city is celebrating its birthday now.

This year, Jakarta Government providing  some buses, that transporting passangers who want to go to PRJ, free! The passangers only have to wait the bus at Monas parking lot.

so many people want to go inside the bus...:p

When I arrived at Monas, there were lots of people waiting for the bus... Gosh... :O
About 15 minutes latter, the bus arrived, and as you guess... I have to fight to get into the bus, because only one bus came and there were so many people want to go inside... :O
Finally, I get into the bus and sit near the window, thanks GoD!.... ^_^

Because yesterday was a national holiday, the road to PRJ was full with vehicles. Parking lot inside the PRJ  area can not accomodate the whole vehicles... So, those vehicles parking at highway shoulder. This things made traffic jam... :O
After 20 minutes ride, the bus stopped at PRJ, Kemayoran...

 JIExpo @ Kemayoran...

 front area...

I walked to the ticket booth. Normally, the ticket price is IDR 20K, but because yesterday was a national holiday, I have to pay IDR 25K/person *beuh..*
Then I went inside. There were so many people around me... seemed all Jakarta citizens came to this event... :O

the ticket...

When I walked deeper, I saw lots of enterprises and vendors whose selling their products and services. Such as electronic goods, cars, motorcycles, food and beverage, clothes, shoes, accesories, and many things. They all trying to get lots of profit from passengers by selling their product and service with special price.

souvenir shop and Betawi corner...

crowd people...

Not only that, the Jakarta Government also providing a huge stage to entertain the visitors. Every night, this huge stage filled by various artists and music bands. And also, there are playing areas for kids...

playing area for kids...

the kids having fun...^.^

When I walked at the center, I was shocked by a small parade. The parade walking around at the center of PRJ.  When this parade came, people crowd trying to reach the front of line to saw the parade closer. Lucky, I stood in front of the line... =D

beautiful girls @ the parade...

the parade...;)


After the parade over, I went home...but this time, without using 'free' bus ('cos too much people want to use this bus and I was too tired to milled around..:p).

At last..  nice to see this event, even it means you have to spent your money (much enough)... :p

happy b'day jakarta...^_^

Happy b'day my beloved city, Jakarta!... Hope u became our pride in the future....;)

Ifa Abdoel

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