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Weekend Getaway - White Crater (Ciwidey)

Due to busy work & rainy season (that made me hibernate at my cozy room) & lazy (this is the true reason.. :p), finally I am blogging againn.. (^__^)

If you live in Jakarta, and want to spend your weekend, why don't you try to visit Ciwidey, Bandung?

Ciwidey or known as Kawah Putih (White Crater), is one of the best scenery that you can see in West Java.
(FYI, Ciwidey is the name of an area in south of Bandung City, West Java Province, Indonesia. It has some tourist attractions. One of those tourist attractions is Kawah Putih (White Crater). In common, when people said that they want to go to Ciwidey, others will assume that they will go to Kawah Putih (White Crater). For more info about White Crater, please check wikipedia).

But.. it is a big NO! if you want to go to Ciwidey during rainy season. Why? here is my story.. ;)

My journey to White Crater - Ciwidey, has planned since many many weeks ago, but accomplished on Saturday, December 12, 2014 (now you see.. how long that I took to write this article.. :p). This is my 2nd times to visit this place.

That day was a shiny day when three of us left Kampung Rambutan Bus Station. It was around 08.30 AM when the bus was entering the highway.
(Note: You can take a bus to Bandung from bus stations in Jakarta. There are some bus stations, such as Kampung Rambutan, Lebak Bulus, Pulo Gadung, and Rawamangun, that provide buses to Bandung.
Or you can take travel bus, such as Cipaganti, or train. It is all up to you).

Groufie at the bus.. ^^

The cost that we must pay for ticket bus was IDR 50K/person. First, I think it was cheap enough considering to the rise of gasoline price at that time. But when we arrived at cipularang highway, I just realised that this bus was an old bus. It went slowly.. very slowly when it has to climb. No wonder it was cheap (-_-!)

And when we almost got out from Cipularang Highway, the bus suddenly stopped and the driver asked us to move to another bus to continue. He said, his car was broke, one of the tire deflated. What?? *sigh

And when we moved to another bus, the officer of the bus asked for money. He said that we have to pay again. Not much only IDR 2K, but I didn't give it. Stingy? nope, it because I didn't like what they did to us, to passangers. They abandoned us..

The officer said that the bus driver before, didn't give him enough money to take all of us and other passangers to Bandung. Then I said, "Why do you receive the money that he give then? and why you said to the driver that you agree to take us to Bandung?"
He silent.. and leaving me.. and I didn't have to pay again.. :p

 About 11.30 AM, we arrived at Leuwi Panjang Bus Station, Bandung.
(Note: If you go to Bandung by travel bus/train, then you must go to Leuwi Panjang Bus Station after you arrive. Because, train and some travel buses don't take their passangers to Leuwi Panjang, only in particular area).

In Leuwi Panjang Bus Station, we took another bus to Ciwidey Bus Station. There was an elf (bus 3/4) that will take us to Ciwidey Bus Station.

Never ever think this elf was a nice bus, it was an old bus too. Three of us have to sit on a long wood bench which was against the driver. Well, I got a little bit dizzy when the bus was riding.. hihihi.. :))

We have to pay IDR 12K/person for the elf. The weather still nice when we left Leuwi Panjang Bus Station. But when we were entering suburb area, drizzle came and slowly the air was turning into cold..

Scam and Ontang Anting

We touched down Ciwidey Bus Station at 13 PM. From there, we took a yellow car to White Crater (Kawah Putih). This yellow car was a public transportation which has route: Kawah Putih - Patenggang.
(Note: becareful using this yellow car, some drivers like to do scam. In the beginning you must sure that he will drive you to Kawah Putih (White Crater) main gate. Otherwise he will drive you until the top of White Crater and ask you extra money. Unless.. if you want to book this car, then it is fine..).

This was what happened to us when we got scam, almost.. :p
The yellow car driver said that his car will drive us to White Crater area. With no question, we went into the car.

Not long enough, 4 people came and talked to the driver, I was not sure about what they said and after they got deal, they went into the car with us inside.

A half hour latter, I saw a big logo "Kawah Putih - Ciwidey" on a standing wall.. And then the car turned the corner and stopped at a gate. A woman came and asked the driver how many people inside. She calculated the price for the ticket that we have to pay to enter White Crater area. In this spot, I began suspicious..

White Crater gate and parking lot area

That was because I saw some orange cars, parked at parking lot. I ever read about this car, it is called Ontang Anting. This car is special provided for taking passangers (who don't use private car) to the top of White Crater area. And I want use this car..

Then I began to speak to the driver. I said, I want to stop here and use Ontang Anting. The driver ignored me. He pretended that he didn't understand what I said. Then I began to speak loudly..

When he saw my anger, he tried to make me understand about how far the way to the top (he said it was so farrr...) , and how long the time that I will take if I use Ontang Anting (so longgg..), and how not comfortable Ontang Anting was (get wettt..).

Well.. I didn't trust him. In my mind (at that moment), even he said the truth, I didn't mind to get wet, and take along time to the top. I just want to use Ontang Anting!

For a couple minute, me and the driver debated, and after I repeated again and again that I want to use Ontang Anting, finally he gave up.. After paid IDR 25K/person to him, we got out from the car..
(Note: actually, in common we only have to pay IDR 15K/person for the car, but we paid more).

Near the White Crater gate, there were many stalls that sell things such as souvenirs, foods, and beverages. There was also a huge parking lot with many cars parked and a mosque, we pray in there. The water like ice.. it is sooo colddd.. freezinggg..

Stalls and parking lot

After pray, we went to ticket booth, near the gate. We bought ticket to enter White Crater, IDR 17K for ticket and IDR 15K for Ontang Anting transportation. So, total number that we have to pay was IDR 32K/person.

Ticket price

Ontang Anting.. ^^

The weather's still drizzle when we enter Ontang Anting. We must wait until this vehicle filled with passangers. After waiting for 5 minutes, Ontang Anting moved from parking lot to the street.

The street that passed by us, was uphill and winding. Ontang Anting didn't have doors. So, our eyesight were wider. There was green forest on the left and the right way.. so green and fresh.. We can hear the sound of the bugs too.. enough noisy but it was nice sound.. (^_^)

Groufie inside Ontang Anting.. ^^

White Crater (Kawah Putih)

About a half hour we rode, finally we arrived at the top of White Crater. It was around 15 PM when we were there. I got little bit worry when I saw the sky. It was so grey, in some points almost black. I though the rain will come..

So, after we took pictures in front of the main gate, I asked my friends to move right away to the Crater. It was not far from the gate into the Crater. Only 5 minutes walking. We just have to follow the stairs..

In front of White Crater logo

Entering White Crater..

Take picture before rain. ^^

Green and stairs..

When I stepped my feets on the stairs, I saw him, the yellow car driver. He saw us too and came close. With low voice and nice smile he offered his car to bring us if we want to go back to Ciwidey Bus Station. We just smiled and said "Thanks, but we'll see latter sir"..  (of course we didn't want to use his car again.. :p)

And when I saw the Crater, I got dissapoint. It was because I can't see the Crater at all.. Everything in front of me was white.. Everywhere I saw was white.. Fog everywhere covering the Crater. O may God!

I realized that I was wrong when I decided to visit this place in rainy season. I should go to this place in dry season so I can see the blue of the lake, and take more beautiful pictures.. But maybe if I visited this place in the morning, I can see the blue of the lake... aaakkk!!!

Fog everywhere..

I like this pic.. ^^ (taken by Sarri)

Take pictures as many as we can before rain comes.. ^^

My feeling was getting worse then.. I felt the weather didn't get along. Then we tried taking pictures as much as we can, as fast as we can, before the rain comes.

What I was afraid become reality, the rain came, more and more heavy.. It was so colddd.. I didn't know how big the temperature was, but I almost can't feel my hands.. Eventhough we still calmed down and kept on taking pictures in the rain! hihihi.. :))


Fog, and rain, and cold..

About a half hour we were in the Crater. And then we went back to the parking lot where Ontang Anting was waiting..

We went back down followed by heavy rain.. Ontang Anting didn't have doors, but it has long transparant plastic that used as doors which can cover us from the rain.
"You know what I hate? when we arrive below, the rain stop," I said to my friend.
She just smiled. And it was true.. the rain really stopped! :(

After went out from Ontang Anting, we decided to relax at a restaurant, ate and drank coffee.. ^^
About 16.30 PM, we left White Crater parking lot area. From parking lot to the main street was not far, only 5 minutes walking.

So green.. ^^

Groufie before going home.. ^^

At the main street, there was a yellow car (public transportation) was waiting for its passangers. We used this car to come back to Ciwidey Bus Station. The price was IDR 15K/person.
(Note: this yellow car only available at the main street until 16.30 PM. So, you must calculate the time that you spend at White Crater).

Around a half hour latter, the car reached a bridge where an elf stood. The driver said, that elf was a public transportation that we can use to Leuwi Panjang Bus Station, Bandung. So, we didn't need to go to Ciwidey Bus Station.

Olrite.. then we got out from the yellow car, and entered the elf. Inside the elf was enough empty, still has place for three of us, so we don't have to sit in a bench again, hihihi... ;))
The price for the elf was IDR 12K/person. Nothing we can do inside the elf unless tried to sleep..

Around 18.20 PM we hitted Leuwi Panjang Bus Station. We took a rest and ate at padang restaurant in front of bus station. At 20 PM, we left Leuwi Panjang. We split, I used bus to Kampung Rambutan, and my friends used bus to Bogor and Lebak Bulus.

I have to pay  IDR 60K/person for the bus. But this time, I got a good bus..^^
Around 22.30 PM I arrived at Pasar Rebo, Jakarta.. welcome home.. ^_^


Ifa Abdoel

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