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Economic Train Yogyakarta – Jakarta (Eid Holiday 2010)

This story based on economic train that I used from Yogyakarta to Jakarta.
I never planned to used this economic train until one condition pushed me to did that...
(this is my first time, travelling with economic train... :p)
kisah sebelumnya... Ke Yogya Ku Kembali - (Tour De Candi)
That day (17/9), I want to go home after I spent plenty of time at some areas in central java. I was doing solo backpacker, travelling alone...

At that time, I was in Yogyakarta, at Malioboro exactly...
In my wallet, there were only IDR 200K left.
I went to the closest ATM BCA at Malioboro Street to get more money for buying bus ticket.
As u know, the ticket more expensive during the Eid holiday...
(I want to buy eksekutif bus ticket).
And guess what I found? that ATM didn't work out!

I asked a security officer where I could find another ATM BCA.
He said inside of Malioboro Mall.
With my heavy backpack, I went into Malioboro Mall.
Inside the Mall, I found ATM BCA, many...
But I saw a girl sttepped out from the ATM room, and said loud to me,
"These ATMs didn't work out! none of them work out!"

For a moment I can't think clearly.
I don't know when the ATM will be function again?
What should I do?
If I stayed one more night at Malioboro, than only IDR 50K left.
('cos my room rate was IDR 150K/night, and it's difficult to find another hostel during Eid holiday).

I walked slow at the alley, tried to thinking...
Than... I decided to went home by train, maybe it cheaper than bus.
I walked to Tugu Train Station.
The sun burn my skin and this heavy backpack became more heavy...

After 15 minutes, I arrived in front of the ticket booth.
I saw list of the train cost, the range between 250K - 400K.
GoD!... I don't have enough money to buy the ticket!

Than I asked the officer, I told her that I like to buy economic ticket to Jakarta.
She said I was in wrong place.
Economic train is in Lempuyangan Train Station not in Tugu Train Station.
Tugu Train Station only for business and executive class.

I walked, leaving Tugu Station.
The sun burn my skin  and  my backpack still heavy...

I tried to bargain with 'abang tukang becak'.
He said IDR 25K for driving me to Lempuyangan Station.
I said 'no'... it's too expensive.

Than I walked again... to Trans Jogja Shelter at Malioboro.
Trans Jogja officer said, I can go to Lempuyangan Station with Trans Jogja bus.
Thanks GoD!
I paid IDR 3.000, for Trans Jogja ticket.

Finally, I arrived at Lempuyangan Station.
There were a lot of people, very crowded.
But I got the ticket to Jakarta.

You know how much I have to pay? only IDR 35K! with Bengawan Extra Train.
Bengawan Extra Train is an extra train for passangers who will be going to Jakarta.
When I read the ticket, it wrote "Bengawan Extra, no seat!"

At 15.00 pm, the train came.
With other passengers I have to mill around into the train.
It was very crowded... many children being squeezed and cried.
Other passengers who can't come in were mad.
They became crazy, they yelling... barking… angry… loudly...

Twenty minutes latter... the train left Yogya.
I just said 'bismillah... may GoD protect me during this trip...'
For the next 11 hours, I have to sit dan stand at the alley of the train...

So many people inside the train.
First, I just watched them... then, I talked to them…
Don't know why, suddenly... I felt the same way with them.
I can feel their suffer.. That they don't have any choice.
They don't have enough money to get business or executive class ticket.
They forced to accepted this situation...

A mother with her baby, sat near the door which is split the railway coach.
She has to watchout her son's head from wares of the retailers whose come and go easily.
These retailers were very annoying.
I can't count again how much they step on my feet.
But, their exist helped other passengers who want to eat or drink easily.

Women retailers came into the train with over make up.
They shout loud, offering their retails...
Men retailers came into the train with stink.
and they shout laud too, offering their retails...

There were two kids, I name them Budi and Joko.
Budi, has toys (two cars with no mirror).
Budi very bussy with his toys, he didn't care with the situation around him.
(I wish I could feel the same way with Budi...)

Joko, has no toys. He just watched Budi played his toys.
Budi knew that, he asked Joko to played together.
Soon, they both laughing...

Joko, has a big sister.
Sometimes, during the trip, both of them fighting...
Joko hit his sister and sometimes kick her leg.
Their mother do nothing, she just yelling to Joko...

I saw this Joko, he was very thin...
I asked him to sat on my backpack.
If he sat on my backpack, he was helping me to take care my backpack, indirectly...
So I have no worry about my backpack secure...

A young man, in front of me, introduced him self.
He lived in Jakarta alone.
In this big city, he tried his luck, to find a better life...

Other passangers looked at me with strange.
I knew they speculated, with whom I went with.
And I knew they wondered, was that young man my friend?
I let them speculated...

A young mother, breast feed her son.
She let her breast open, not covered with anything...
And her husband? just watched it...
Seemed to him,  it's ok as long as his son didn't cry...:p

During the trip... I tried not to sleep…
But at 24.00 am, I can't hold any longger..
I fell asleep down the alley
But it was not long, I woke up already when I fell asleep.
In this situation I have to pay more attention...

At last... the train arrived at Jatinegara Station, Jakarta, at 01.30 am.
It's good to be back again...  
welcome home ifa...:D

My brother pick me up at Jatinegara train station.
He said that I took wrong train...
What the f*…???

He explained, the train that driving me was Kertajaya Train.
Bengawan Train that I should took a ride will be arrived at Jatinegara Station at 04.00 am.
I arrived earlier than I should...

So… I took wrong train…???!!
Hahahahaha... I said nothing except laugh…
What a wonderful experience!!!... love it so much…
Happy Eid Mubarak all... ^.^

Ifa Abdoel


  1. petualangan yang menakjubkan!
    salam kenal ya, sis ifa :)


  2. makasih bro teddy... :)
    salam kenal jg... :d

  3. keren mbak,.
    ak jga prnah naik kereta ekonomi progo jogja-jakarta
    satu kata : pegel

    salam kenal mba

  4. hi desy... thx ya pujiannya :)
    yup, emg pegel naek KA ekonomi hehehe..
    salam kenal jg.. ^_^