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Legend of Patih Gajah Mada at Madakaripura Waterfall

There are so many articles that write about Madakaripura waterfall, but none of them have same story..
Wanna know mine? check this one out.. ;)

(15 Mei 2015)
It was 10 o'clock in the morning when I arrived at Senen Station, Jakarta. I had a half hour more to catch the train that will bring me to Surabaya City, East Java. Surabaya was not my point of view, but Banyuwangi area.

Banyuwangi has many incredible sceneries that very famous not only in local but also international. There were three places that I want to see: Madakadipura Waterfall, Baluran National Park, and Ijen Crater. This time I did not go alone, Ika was accompanying me.

Me & Madakaripura Waterfall, East Java, Indonesia.. ^^

At 10.30 AM, the train that brought us left the station.
Huft.. I slamed my butt on the economic train's chair. I looked at next to me, it was empty. There were only a plastic bottle of mineral water and snacks hanging near window. "Hmm.. someone has owned chair next the window," I talked to my self.

Well.. I will tell you something.. If you go by economic train and you got chair next the window, it means you can sleep well, and also can reduce sore level on back bone and butt almost 50%! isn't it great? :p

When my mind was thinking how lucky the person whose sat next the window, suddenly a man showed up and stood in front of me. He said, "Miss.. you do not want to sit next the window?"
"Hah? May I?" I replied little bit shock.
"Of course," he said smiley.
Alhamdulillah.. "Thank you," I said quickly, yeayy.. this man gave his chair to me.. :)

Oya, Ika sat on the other chair, we got seperated, that was why we communicated by whatsapp :p

Well.. this is the first time I used economic train to go to Surabaya. I never used economic train to Surabaya before. And you know what? 13 hours on economic train really made me exhausted.. *sigh (-_-!)

Finnaly.. by 01.30 in the morning, we arrived at Gubeng Station, Surabaya.

It was early morning when we came out from station. Still dark outside. We called a blue taxi that passing us. Then we rode to a boarding school that leaded by Ika's aunty. We will stay there until morning.

Lucky me, her aunty was a very nice person. She has prepared a nice room for us to stayed.
In the morning, we left the boarding school by a rent car.
It was 07.00 AM when we drove on the street. Our first stop was Madakaripura Waterfall.

Madakaripura Waterfall is located at Kecamatan Lumbang, Kabupaten Probolinggo, East Java. This waterfall is one of waterfalls which is located at National Park Bromo Tengger Semeru. More info about Madakaripura Waterfall please click here

Madakaripura Waterfall

I did not pay attention too much on the street when Gama (our driver) took us. As far as I remember, the way to Madakaripura Waterfall was smooth and no traffic.

Around 09 AM, we arrived at Madakaripura Waterfall's parking lot. For car, we must pay IDR 5K as entry ticket, and another IDR 5K/person.

When I came out from the car, some vendors approached me and tried to offer plastic rain coat and sandals. I said no to them because I already had.
Yeup.. before I went to this waterfall, I have browsed some informations from internet. They said that if you want to go to Madakaripura Waterfall, then you must bring rain coat and use sandal swallow or sendal jepit swallow..

Yeupp.. use swallow!! because this sandal is really helpfull in wet area. You won't get slipped. If you use hiking sandals, those sandals won't help you as best as swallow.. :D

Okay, back to the story..
At parking lot, I found a lot of stalls that sold snacks and beverages. There was something interesting about these stalls. If you pay more attention to them, you will see same menu on their snacks and beverages, which were gorengan (tempe and tofu fried), instant noodle, coffee, tea, mineral water, and soda.

Near parking lot, you will find toilets/rest rooms without lamp inside them.. :p
But, you do not need lamp if you come to this place in the morning/day, but heyy.. who want to see waterfall on evening/night?.. :p

Welcome to Madakaripura Waterfall ^^

To get into Madakaripura waterfall area, I have to walk on a small street that made by cement. Along the street I found many interesting sceneries.. Green woods, high cliffs, and the river were surrounding me along with sounds of bugs, sooo.. lovely.. ^^

Red bridge.. ^^

Green woods, high cliffs, and the river

Ten minutes latter, we arrived at the end of the street..
There were some stalls and men who asked us to rent a locker to save our things (bags and others). Well, we did not interest to rent a locker.

FYI: According to information that I read on internet, these people (whose renting lockers) can not be trusted. They will open your locker with duplicate key, and they will steal your precious things. So, It would be better if you bring along your things with you. Just pack the things with plastic and bundle tightly so the water won't break through.

End of the street..

Before I and Ika continued walking, we wear raincoat and bundle our things on plastic bag. After that, we walked slowly down to the river. Ika moved sooo slowlyy.. She got trouble with her feet, specially when she walked on slippery rocks.

At that time, a young man suddenly approached us. He helped Ika to walk on slippery rocks. And the next thing I knew, he became our guide...

FYI: There were men who will be your guide if you need them. They will approach you and ask if you need guide. You can use them if you need someone who can carry your belonggings or help you taking pictures or guide you when you walk on slippery rock or tell stories about Madakaripura Waterfall and its legend. There was no standard payment for them. Just give them tips and they will happy.. :)
We paid the guide for IDR 50K.

Ready to get wet ^^

Entrance to Madakaripura waterfall.. ^^

There were small waterfalls above us along the river. These waterfalls dropped fresh and cold water. Then I decided not use raincoat anymore because the water break through my raincoat, I got wet inside, hihihi..^^

Walk under small waterfall, it likes walking on the rain ^^

Unleash my raincoat and start freezinggg... ^^

At the end of the river, there were no way to go to Madakaripura Waterfall accepted by climbing the rock cliff. Through slippery and sharp rock, we climbed the cliff  slowly.. Luckily the path through cliff did not too long, only about 10 m.

Climb the cliff to get close with Madakaripura Waterfall..

After we climbed the cliff, Madakaripura Waterfall was welcoming us with its cold water and its sound. It was freezing but sooo... amazing when I saw this waterfall. MasyaAlloh.. this waterfall so hugh and beautifulll.. ^^

When I stood at the center, I realized that I was in a hugh hole, surrounded by rock cliff with giant waterfall in front me.. can't believe this!!  awesomeee!! ^^

Madakaripura Waterfall is awesome.. ^^

Selfie is a must.. ^^

The water that came from top of cliff was soo swift.. It fell into a green big pool and then flow to the river.. ^^ The pool at Madakaripura Waterfall has 7 metres high. And no one allowed to swim in this pool, because it was too dangerous..

FYI: Becareful with your electronic things here. The waterfall so swift, there was no way you can hide from getting wet. Use underwater camera if you want to get picture here.. ;)

Madakaripura Waterfall has a cave behind. According to the legend that believed by people arounded, the cave was a place that used by Patih Gajah Mada to meditate.

Based on our guide, until now sometimes Patih Gajah Mada still seen  in this waterfall, his shadow reflect to the waterfall and seen by some people.

But who is Patih Gajah Mada? As far as I know, this man is one of famous person at Majapahit Dynasti whose ever run Java island long long time ago. He was a right hand of King Majapahit. More info about Patih Gajah Mada, you can click here  ;)

Freezing but happy.. ^^

In a hole.. surrounded by cliff

Get crazy at Madakaripura Waterfall ^^

Until today, when 1 Suro Night comes, Madakaripura Waterfall will full of people who bring their inheritance things, such as keris, jewelleries, and others. These people will wash their inheritance things at Madakaripura pool and pray. This is one of their tradition. They believe that the water of Madakaripura Waterfall will make their inheritance things become more powerfull..

After get cold and freezing, and satisfy with this gorgeous waterfall, we decided to go back.
So long Madakaripura waterfall.. hope we meet again in another time.. ^^

to be continue.. Kisah Bangkai Hidup di Taman Nasional Baluran

Ifa Abdoel

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