"Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there" - Laut bukan tempat sampah!


Visiting Tidung Island

Tidung Island was the first island that came in my head when my niece asked me for snorkeling in Thousand Island. Well.. my niece was 8th grade and she was never snorkeling in her life. So I have a plan to take her to Thousand Island and teach her snorkeling. She was very happy when I said I will take her to Tidung Island.. ^^

And then I asked some of my friends to acompanying us. Gladly, two of them was agree to join this backpack trip.. ;)

That day (10/7) I and my niece went to Marina Pier, Ancol. To visit Tidung Island, we used speed boat from Marina Pier, Ancol.
Using speed boat from Marina is more expensive than from Kali Adem, Muara Angke. The cost is almost 2,5 times more expensive.

In Marina, there are many speed boats which are heading to Thousand Island. You can find them at 17th Pier. The 17th Pier is the pier that providing public transportation/speed boats to society who wants to visit Thousand Island.

When you get there, there will be some officers with blue shirt who will help you for buying the ticket. You don't have to worry about their present. They are official officers.

Or.. you can walk through to a building next the cafetaria. That building is an office which is selling ticket to Thousand Island.
You can buy the ticket on the spot, without any confirmation first..

The ticket costs in some prices, depending on the island (2016):

  • Bidadari/Ayer/Untung Jawa: IDR 75K (weekday), 100K (weekend).
  • Pari/Pramuka/Tidung: IDR 125K (weeday), 150K (weekend).
  • Harapan/Kelapa: IDR 180K (weekday), 225K (weekend).
  • Putri/Pelangi/Sepa: IDR 200K (weekday), 250K (weekend).
  • Pantara: IDR 300K (weekday), 350K (weekend).

We arrived at Marina, Ancol, around 8.30 am. There were so many visitors in the pier. But most of them visiting Pari Island. Only a few visiting Tidung Island. Lucky for us, we got an empty boat!

Just 4 of us at the bottom room of the boat! ^^ Capacity of this boat is 180 people.. yeayy^^

There were only 9 people filling the boat (including us!) ^^ Five of them at the top. So, We took control the bottom side, haha.. ^^

Gegayaan.. ^^

Around 1,5 hours later, ultimately we arrived at Tidung Island.. ^^

Tidung Island

Well..because of we did this trip without tour operator, first thing that we needed to do was finding a homestay.
So, after went out from Tidung Island Port, we walked to the beach direction where Cinta Bridge is lying.

Everytime we find a homestay we walked in and asked the price. The price of the homestay around IDR 400K above. But, the problem was, we can't find a homestay who can check out at 15 pm! Almost all of those homestays have the same check out schedule, which is 09.30 am!

They said, that schedule is following traditional ferry's arrival from Kali Adem Port, Muara Angke, Jakarta. All traditional ferry arrive in Tidung Island at 09.30 am.
But, if we want to check out at 15 pm, they provide a house near the port to put our belongings while we wait for speed boat from Marina, Ancol.

After visiting many homestays, ultimately we found a homestay that allowed us to check out at 15 pm without extra cost, yeayy.. alhamdulillah ^^

Our homestay 'Penginapan Samudra' at Tidung Island, IDR 400K/day with air con.. ^^

After we put our backpacks at homestay, we went for meals. Next to our homestay, there were Padang restaurant. We ate there. This restaurant was providing meals ala Padang, such as chicken fried, chicken roasted, etc.
Rice + chicken fried/roasted + ice tea with sugar = IDR 30K. The taste of this food was not delicious. I don't recommend this restaurant.. :p

Most of meals at Tidung Island are expensive. It would be nice if you bring your own food to press the budget.

After ate, the next thing we did, snorkeling! ^^

Cinta Bridge

Cinta Bridge at Tidung Island..

Pose at Cinta Bridge, Tidung Island

We went to Cinta Bridge by bike. Our homestay provides bikes for rent. It cost IDR 10K/2 days.
Not only that, our homestay is also renting life vest, mask, snorkel, and fin. I just rent a fin and a life vest for my niece, the cost IDR 35K/2 days.

Before we hit Cinta Bridge, we need to park our bikes at parking lot. It costs IDR 2K/bike. From parking lot, we walked to Cinta Bridge.

I choose a spot next to Cinta Bridge for teaching my niece snorkeling. Since she never did snorkeling, I need savety and calm spot.

The weather was not good, it was windy and little bit dark (at Cinta Bridge)

My niece learn so fast and she loves snorkeling.. ^^

Underwater of Cinta Bridge, Tidung Island, most of them are clay

I found corals at Cinta Bridge, Tidung Island

Wifie above and below the sea.. yeayy..^^

Tidung Kecil Island

After my niece was capable to snorkeling, we moved out from Cinta Bridge.
We walked to Tidung Kecil Island and end up at a small pier..

(above) Mangrove conservations at Tidung Kecil Island. (below) small pier at Tidung Kecil Island.

We did snorkeling in front of Tidung Kecil Pier. Time around 15 pm.. The weather still windy and little bit dark when we were snorkeling.
It was difficult to reach a good spot in this area, because there were so many dead corals and stones. We must be careful in order to get wounded by the coral's sharp.

Finally, after so many dramas.. we found a good spot for snorkeling.. ^^

Coral table at Tidung Kecil Island

Clear water at Tidung Kecil Island

We found coral transplantation squares at Tidung Kecil Island. Some of those corals were gone/damage.

Can you see those fish? at the center? ^^ (Tidung Kecil Island)

Snorkeling above corals.. (Tidung Kecil Island)

After a half hour snorkeling in this area, I and my niece decided to finish. Both of us went back to the shore and taking many pictures there, while waiting for my friends who still snorkeling.. ^^

(above-right) Sea Cucumber (Tidung Kecil Island)

Wefie as much as we can.. ^^ (Tidung Kecil Island)

My niece.. ^^ (Tidung Kecil Island)

About 20 minutes later, my friends joined us and we stopped snorkeling that day. We were back to Cinta Bridge.

It was getting dark when we arrive at parking lot (Tidung Island)

When night came, by using bike, we drove to Cinta Bridge again to take pictures ;p

After that, we got dinner not far from Cinta Bridge. As I said before, when you want to eat in Tidung Island (any kind of resto/place), you better ask first the price of the food. If you don't ask, they will give you high price.

Bike, nite, and us.. (Tidung Island)

Next Day

In the morning, while my friends went for coffe, I and my niece went back to Cinta Bridge for breakfast and looking for good spot for taking pictures hehe.. ^^

(above) Otak-otak costs IDR 25K/10 pcs

Small port at Tidung Island, next to Cinta Bridge

Back pose..^^ (Cinta Bridge)

Riding bike at Tidung Island ^^

After breakfast we went for snorkeling again! ^^
But this time the spot was in front of the beach next to Cinta Bridge.

Good place for learn how to snorkeling ^^

This place has a beautiful spot for looking good corals. And the weather that morning so bright. The sea became so clear.. ^^ We can see many gorgeous corals and coral fish here.. ^^

Pretty corals (Tidung Island)

(above) Nets covering the corals :(

Try to pose here.. :p (Tidung Island) (photo by Ina)

Dive.. ^^ (Tidung Island) (photo by Ina)

Coral fish ^^ (Tidung Island)

Suddenly, one of my friend had a crazy idea. She asked us to snorkeling from Tidung Besar Island to Tidung Kecil Island, passing Cinta Bridge..! :O
First, we though it was a small journey and we can pass through it easily. But then, it became a nightmare when we realized it was a long long journey... :O

Good corals (Tidung Island)

Lamun Garden

I didn't know how long that we had been through by snorkeling.. so exhausted! #sigh

At the center of the sea, we found a small land, full of dead corals. We stayed there for a while to recharge our energy..
In front of this land, there is lamun garden. Lamun is kind of sea grass that has a strong root.
This place is so beautiful.. specially for photo sesion.. ^^

Lamun garden at Tidung Island

Pose with Lamun.. ^^ (Tidung Island)

Another pic with Lamun ^^ (photo by Ina)

From Lamun Garden we went to the shore. I went first, my niece and my friends were following me. Since I got wound on my feet, I can't use fin and snorkeling, I just walked to the shore.

Around few meter later, I felt something wrong.. The color of the sea became dark, more blue. The water became high. I stopped and called my niece. I asked her to hold the life vest tightly. She can't swim, so  I have to keep her save.

And then, slowly we swam through the deep of the sea, I don't know deep it is, more than 5 m I guess.. During the way I kept talking to my niece never ever try to let go of the life vest because it was too deep (I was so afraid something bad with her because at that time my feet was wounded.. God..(T_T)

Eventhough my feet was wounded, I tried to swimming. What I like from my niece, she was not afraid at all. She kept snorkeling, kicking her feet over and over again with smile and laugh.. :)
Meanwhile, I tried hard to hide my worries from her :p

Alhamdulillah.. after more than 10 minutes swimming.. ultimately we reached the shore.. thx God ^^

Cinta Bridge from Tidung Kecil Island

After we reached the shore of Cinta Bridge, near Tidung Kecil Island, we walked back to Tidung Besar Island. It felt so good back to the land and so tired...

Dare to jump from Cinta Bridge?

It was around 14 pm when we arrived at our homestay for packing our things before leaving Tidung Island. Our boat will leave Tidung Island at 15.30 pm.
All I can say, this was a nice and full of dramas trip, hihi.. ^^

Happy travelling guys.. stay save and don't forget to pray.. ^^


Ifa Abdoel