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Catching Breath at Payung Island

Sudden trip!
Yeup.. I never planned this trip (29/10) until one of my friend told me that next week some of freedivers will go to Payung Island (Payung = Umbrella -) for training.

When I heard about that, I was so excited to join because this was my chance to try again my capability of equalization in the ocean (since I failed the exam of A2 AIDA -).

And the next thing I knew, I was in a traditional ferry on the way to Payung Island..

If you want to go to Thousand Island by traditional ferry, the port had been moved. It is not next to the gas station anymore, It is moved to Kali Adem Port..
If you used public transportation, the route: Transjakarta (cost IDR 3.500), stop at Penjaringan Shelter - B01 (cost IDR 5K), stop at Muara Angke Bus Station - Becak motorbike (cost IDR 5K), stop at Kali Adem Port.
Or... you can use Transjakarta Feeder  bus from Pluit (but this bus is still rare, specially in the morning when you in hurry to catch the ferry).

Kali Adem Port

Ticket booth to Thousand Island with traditional ferry

Payung Island

Almost 10 am when we arrived at Payung Island. I forgot to ask why this island named Payung or Umbrella. Yes.. there are umbrellas hanging on top of the wire, but not because of those umbrellas this island was named.. :p

Payung Island Port. In this port, there was a small pool made by nets, filled by some eels. Why those eels were catched? "To attract tourists," a man said. Ridiculous! (-_-)

Welcome to Payung Island

Our homestay with air con 

First thing that we did in this island was ate. After that, some of us walking around the island, but me and my friends prefer to sleep, saving our energy.

Payung Island is a small island. According to our guide, There are two Payung Island, first the big one, Payung Besar Island (which has population), and the second is the little, Payung Kecil Island (where has no population at all). Location of Payung Kecil Island is at the back of Payung Besar Island. We can see it from the beach.

There are 45 KK (families) who live in Payung Besar Island. Most of them work as a fisherman. This island has a mosque, posyandu, madrasah, and an elementary school (SD).

One thing that I like from this island was, quite.. Beside us, just a few tourist here. So relaxing place..^^
Payung island was not as famous as its neighbour, Tidung Island. It has no water sport (banana boat, jet ski, etc). But if you looking for a quite and relaxing place, you come to the right place.. ^^


Around 00.30 pm, we were ready for snorkeling, yeayy.. ^^
By small boat we rode to the back of Payung Island. Our journey to the first spot of snorkeling was not too good. Sometimes our boat hit by the big waves. I little bit worried about the weather.

For about 15 minutes, we arrived at the back of Payung Island. The guide said this spot has alot of corals and fish. Well.. let's dive to find it out.. ;)

Go dive..


Dive under the boat..

Most of corals in Payung Island were damaged :(

After several minutes dive at this spot, I had a  conclue, most of corals in 2 - 5 meter deep were damaged. But, there were still a lot of coral fish in this area.

Almost run out breath.. :p

I don't know what it is named, but I like this sea grass..^^

Big coral with coral fish on it

Looking for corals

It was very uncomfortable when we dive here, the waves were so  big and hit us over and over again.. The waves has trully made us exhausted.. *sigh
I can't even remember how many gallon water that I swallowed everytime the big waves hit me.. :(

And then we moved to another spot, which was at Tidung Island. Tidung island and Payung Island are neighbour. Only takes 30 minutes to reach Tidung Island by small boat.

Tidung Island

When we got here, the waves were still big. Seemed the weather did not make friends with us :(
(later I knew at that time, Jakarta was hit by super heavy rain. Might be that is why the waves  were so big).

In this spot, my friends decided to release buoys. They wanted to do freedive training. Not all of us will do freedive training, because not all of us a freediver..

While they were busy installing the buoys, I did snorkeling.. ^^
Underwater of Tidung Island has same condition with Payung Island. Most of the corals in this area were damaged. But when I reached 8,5 m deep, the corals looked good and healthy, and there were so many corals fish.. ^^

After a half hour tried to installing buoys, finally the buoys ready to use.. :p
(There were so much drama when installing this buoys: 5 times throw up, and takes too long to instal the rope.. :))

My turn to practice..

Freeimmersion for practicing equalize. Depth 8,5 m.

Me and budy..

Coral fish at Tidung Island

Suddenly, our guide shouted from the boat. He asked us to finish our training because the weather began to worse and it will be dark soon. Beside that, he wanted to bring us to the mainland of Tidung Island.

Olrite.. we started to pack our things and went up into the boat.
The boat rode slowly following the flow of the big waves. The captain seemed knowing well how to deal with this kind of situation. Meanwhile inside the boat, we felt like riding kora-kora.. :p

Finally, after about 10 minutes fighting in the ocean, we hit the mainland of Tidung Island.. ^^

Indonesian Freedivers at Jembatan Cinta, Tidung Island

Look at those clouds.. beautiful! ^^

Small port at Tidung Island

In Tidung Island, we took a rest for a while. This island was full of visitors at that time. We can see them in every corner of this island.. :p
Watch out when you want to eat something in beach area, you better asked first the price before you eat. Otherwise, they will charge you with a high price.. :O

We spent around 1 hour in Tidung Island and then went back to Payung Island.
Again.. we have to force the power of nature.. the big waves.. :O

Lucky us, there were no harm things that happened to us when we came back to Payung Island, alhamdulillah.. ^^

With the  girls, waiting for bbq.. ^^

At the beach of Payung Island, for bbq time.. ^^


Cinta Lake

The next morning, we got up early to catch sunrise at Cinta Lake (Love Lake).
Are you kidding me? lake? in this island?
Well.. actually it is not a real lake, it is looked like a lake..

There is an area that is looked like a lake, filled by salt water next to the port. This area is named Cinta Lake. I don't know why it named like that.. :p

From Payung Island, we can see the mountains in the morning

Sunrise at Payung Island

Holding d sun ^^

After catching the sunrise, we decide to walk following the edge of Cinta Lake.
I saw a sign "Forbidden, Not Allowed to Enter" at the gate. But I ignored it and went deeper following the path next to Cinta Lake.

I found some dogs, hush puppies in this place. These dogs were so cute and so clean. How come there were hush puppies in this place? I wondered, someone has owned them..

Take a walk at Payung Island

Flowers and trees

While I was thinking about those dogs, I saw a nice property. Among the trees, lying a wodden house..
But before I came closer, suddenly two women approached me and said I had to go from this area.
She said, I walked too deep and this property belongs to someone. And because of the owner of this property was here, I can't go deep inside..

A house among trees

According to our guide, a half of Payung Island belong to a rich man from Jakarta. That is why visitors who come to this place are forbidden to enter his property, specially when the owner is in there. Eventhough, visitors still allowed to enjoy the view of Cinta lake from the corner of the gate.. :p

Riding Orca! at Cinta Lake, Payung Island.
(Because of duck is too mainstream ;)


This mural made by kids from Payung Island

Pose with the umbrellas..^^

Having fun in Payung Island ^^ 

When I walked around Payung island, I found an interesting thing, solar panel.
Solar panel is a thing who can take solar power to produce electricity. Is that mean this island using solar panel for electricity? it is not..

This solar panel has not functioning anymore. It has broken.
So, the electricity that powering this island come from PLN. It is distributed by the pipes under the ocean. And society here used voucher to pay the bill of electricity.

Solar panel
I found this beautiful flowers..^^

Beside solar panel, I saw a lighthouse. When I saw it, I suddenlly realised that the blinking light that I saw that night (when went back from Tidung Island), came from this lighthouse. Some of my friends asked for permission to climb it up, but it is forbidden to climb up..

Lighthouse.. it is forbidden to climb up

You can rent a tent in this island and spent the night at the beach.. it would be nice.. ^^
There are some toilet for rent at the beach, don't worry if you wanna take a pee :p

In front of the lighthouse I saw an interesting activity at the beach. A group wearing orange uniform which is mostly I see in Jakarta, was here!
They looked busy collecting trashes at the beach! how cool was that! ^^

They said, they do this every morning, in every island at Thousand Island. The garbage that they have been collected will be throwed away at TPS Bantar Gebang, Bekasi, he said again while pointing at a garbage ship next to the port. Cool! ^^

Thanks to our goverment, specially for President of Indonesia and Jakarta's Governor, Ahok, who has made this thing happen. Thank you for your attention and for your action of the trash problem that haunted the beaches in Thousand Island for years.. ^^

Orange group were busy collecting trash at Payung Island ^^

After walking around I went back to homestay for packing my belongings. At 11 am a ferry from Tidung Island will pick up us and bring us go back to Jakarta.
But what I found there was a chaos. One of our friend was hit by blue stingray fish. The tail of this fish has ripped one of his leg and made it swollen.

It happened when he was swimming at Cinta Lake. In that lake there are so many blue stingray, it is why people who live in this island never swim there.
So.. if you go to Payung Island, never ever swim at Cinta Lake if you don't wanna get stabbed by blue stingray's tail.

Traditional medicine is used to help him from poison of blue stingray

In traditional way, people there helped my friend to getting out the poison from his leg.
First aid to do is:
- Tight up the leg so the poison don't spread.
- Stab the part where the wound is, with small wood (such as matches), until the blood comes out.
- If the wound is too small, use cat mustache or fishing yarn to make a hole so the blood can come out.
- Do not using any kind of metal (knive, needle, pin) to stab the wound because it will make the wound infected.
- Let the blood keep out to help leg from swolling.
- After the swolling start to blow up, put leg into water which filled by detergent, for about 15 minutes.
- Don't eat banana for 1 week to keep your leg from swolling.
- Go to the hospital then.. ;)

At 11 o'clock a ferry that will bring us to Kali Adem port has came.. It was time to leave Payung Island.. so long Payung Island.. till we meet again ^^


Ifa Abdoel

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