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The Grand Palace - Bangkok

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Day 6, Sunday, 08 Dec' 2013

It was 8 PM when left hostel. That day I want to go to Grand Palace by foot, but I got lost!
I walked against the way to Royal Palace and stranded again at Democracy Monument.. (-_-*)
When I was walking at the roadside, suddenly people who did demonstrations woke up from their chairs, stood, and sang a song (I didn't know what song it was, I assumed it was national anthem).

Then I got panic when I saw that, but tried to be calm down. I have bad experience with this situation when I was in Ayutthaya. So, I didn't want to do the same mistake. I stopped walking, stood behind an old man, and quite. I didn't want to take any risks if I continued walking, cos they will be angry and thinking why as a Thai I am not polite? It is because my face looks like Thai, heiizz... :p

I kept silent behind an old man, until everyone stopped singing and sat again. After that, I continued my journey.

For 24 hours everyday, demonstrans do demonstration at Democracy Monument..  :O

A park near The Grand Palace.

After walking around for more than 1 hour, finally I reached at the entrance of Grand Palace, Bangkok.. fiuuhh
In front of the entrance, I saw some buses and street vendors, and of course alot of people. I heard some stories about scam in this area. Alhamdulillah... I didn't get scam here... ;)

Park inside the gate in and ticket booth to enter Grand Palace

FYI: tickets for entering The Grand Palace is 500 bath/person. Open Everyday at 08.30 A.M - 03.30 P.M.

The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace complex was established in 1782 and it consists not only the royal residence and throne halls, but also a number of government offices as well as the renowned temple of the Emerald Buddha. This place covers an area of 218.000 square metres and surrounded by four walls, 1900 metres in length.

Me at Temple of The Emerald Buddha. You can enter this temple, but no camera and no footwear.

This is Phra Siratana Chedi, a reliquary in the shape of a golden chedi, and (bottom pic is) Bellfry.

my style.. ^^

(up) Beside The Temple of Emerald Budha. (down-middle) Phra Mondop.

Beautiful temples.. ^^

After visiting temples at Royal Palace, I went out and found another gorgeous buildings beside the temples. Check these out.. ^^

The Chakri Maha Prasat.

The Chakri Maha Prasat was built by King Chulalongkorn (King Rama V), was completed in 1882. Only the reception areas are now used.

yeayyy.. ^^

(up) The Borom Phiman Mansion. (down) The Dusit Maha Prasat Throne Hall and Queen Sirikit Museum.

The Borom Phiman Mansion built in western style in 1903 by King Rama V for their apparent, the future King Rama IV. This mansion was also used on various occasions as a royal residence. At the present the mansion serves as the Royal Guest House for visiting Heads of State and guests of their majesties.

And for Dusit Maha Prasat Throne Hall, it was built by King Rama I to replace the wooden Amarintharapisek Maha Prasat which was burned down in 1790. This place is used for lying-in-state of kings, gueens, and honoured members of the royal family. It is also used for the annual coronation day ceremony.

The last building that I visited in this area was Queen Sirikit Museum. Queen Sirikit Museum is showcase exhibitons telling the story of how Her Majesty Queen Sirikit has helped turn Thai silk from local handicraft into a symbol of Thailand, through her Support Foundation founded in 1976, to celebrate the occasion of her 80th birthday.

Highlights are HM Queen Sirikit’s personal collection of dresses designed and tailored from Thai textiles by international and local designers. Opening hours: Daily, 9.00 am. - 4.30pm. (Last entry 3.30pm.)

I left The Grand Palace around 02 PM. In front of Grand Palace there is a bus stop and I waited for the bus there. A bus number 25 was passing in front of me. According to my notes, this bus serve Ratchadamnoen Road route.  I flagged my hand and the bus stopped. I got bus non AC. Then I went inside and sat near the window. That day was very hot...

A woman came to me and asked for fare. When I said how much, she looked shock and said something in Thai. I didn't understand what she said. But I had an idea. In my pocket, there were some coins. I took them out and put all of them on my hand. The woman smiled and took some of those coins and gave me change, hihihi.. It was 6,5 bath for fare.. ;))

After that, I said to her that I want to go to Ratchadamnoen Road, she nodded her head. I assumed she understood what I said. But then I realized, I took right bus but wrong direction. The bus that I should take was across the street.. (-_-*)

I got lost...! But because of it, I found China Town area.. hihihi ;))
As long as I saw, there was nothing special in China Town area. But you can find a lot of shops whose selling many China's stuffs and food here.

Bangkok Street Show

And when my bus was passing Hua Lamphong Station, I decided to stop there and continued my journey by MRT train. And without checking my notes, I bought ticket to Silom Station.
When I reached at Silom Station, I saw a large park not far from station. It was a strange view, I never saw a park when I went out from station. Then I checked my notes, goshh.. I got wrong stop! I should stop at Sala Daeng Station, not Silom Station.. :p

Eventhough, I walked out from station and came into the park. I saw many street vendors in front of the park and crowded inside the park. Ow... there was a "Bangkok Street Show". So, I decided to join and watched the show. It was very funny and entertaining show.. ^_^

Bangkok street show at the park

About a half hour latter, I went back to BTS station. From Silom Station I rode to Chatucak/Mo Chit Station. Yupp... I want to go back again to Chatucak Weekend Market. It was because this morning when I went there, most of the vendors not openned yet. So, I would like to see the market again to feel the temptation of shopping, hihihi... ;))

Ticket that I must pay for BTS was 40 bath! Omg.. it was enough expensive (-_-*)
If I used bus, I just need to pay 17 bath.. :p
Using bus is cheaper than MRT/BTS in Bangkok. That is for sure! :p

Chatucak Weekend Market

About a half hour latter, I reached Mo Chit/Chatucak BTS Station. When I got out from station, I saw many people outside.. pedestrians, street vendors, and demonstrans were filling the streets and road sides, so crowded.. :O
I got confused, which way that I should take to reach Chatucak?

I saw an officer and asked him. He said that I was walking against the way to Chatucak.. :p
So I went back and finnaly found Chatucak Weekend Market.
That evening, Chatucak was very crowd. There were so many people who visit this market. This time, I bought nothing but some food.. ;))

The first food that I bought is Tom Yam. I saw many street vendors selling Tom Yam in food area. I went into one of them and ordered a bowl of Tom Yam. But first, I saw the price of  Tom Yam at a banner in front of this street vendor, it wrote 40 bath/bowl.

But, when I have finished my meal, the vendor said that I must pay 80 bath for that Tom Yam! Gosshh.. For 4 small shrimp I have to pay 80 bath??
I knew that she lied. At banner it was 40 bath. I knew she was doubling the price because she knew I am a tourist.

But I was not complain. It was my fault for not asking first (the price) before I ordered. I was trust too much on the banner. So.. for you who want to eat at Chatucak Weekend Market food area, you must asked first how much the price of your meal. So, if it is too expensive, you can find another vendors.

But, how about the taste? Honestly, that Tom Yam was sooo... delicious... (y)

And then, I bought some snacks: 3 flavour shrimps, 50 bath. These shrimps were more expensive than at Pratunam. At Pratunam its cost only 35 bath and more delicious. At Chatucak, the shrimps were too much flavor, so the size looked bigger but the shrimps inside of flavor were too small... I can say that I eat flavor not shrimp! beuhh.. (-_-*)
So, if you want to buy fried flavor shrimp, than you should buy at Pratunam.. :D

Chatucak area, Tom Yam, and Coconut Ice cream ^^

And then I bought coconut ice cream. Honestly, when the first time I arrived at Khaosan road, I have seen this ice cream often. But didn't know why, that time I was not interested to try it. When finally I bought it, it was sooo delicious... Ice cream mixed by coconut and peanuts sooo yummmyyy... recomended to try (^_^)

It was 06 PM when I left Chatucak. When I waited for the bus at the bus stop, I felt itchy at some parts of my body, and also my face (-_-*)
I got little bit panic, then I looked for restroom, and found that my face full of bumps, gosshh.. I got alergic! (maybe it was because the shrimps that I ate were not fresh.. :O)

Get Lost

While scratching sometimes and tried to hold the itchy, I came back again to bus stop. I took bus no. 509 to go to Democracy Monument. But when the bus reached Democracy Monument, I did not disembark. I want to disembark at next bus stop, I though I can reach my hostel faster if I disembark at next bus stop. But I was completely wrong!

There is no bus stop! the bus through the main street and up to flyover, crossing Chao Praya River, and then stop at bus stop under the skybridge. With other passangers I stepped out from the bus. O my God... where was I?

Then I followed my instict to cross the skybridge and waited the same bus again. But when I saw a bus number 157, I stopped this bus and went in. Why I did not take bus number 509? it was because I ever saw bus number 157 passed Rachadamnoen Road.. :p

But again... the bus did not go to Rachadamnoen Road, I did not know what the officer said (in Thai). I just knew that she asked me to disembark at next bus stop, because I got wrong bus... @_@
Before I went out of the bus, she told me  that I have to take bus number 91 if I want to go to Rachadamnoen Road. But it was so funny when she told me that information, we used tarzan language and hand code. She can not speak English but I understand what she meant. How nice she was.. she also did not collect fare from me, it was free.. alhamdulillah.. ^_^

And then, at next bus stop, I got out from the bus and waiting for bus number 91.
It was 07.20 PM. I waited for more than 15 minutes and the bus did not show up. I have no patience anymore. So, when other bus came, number 157, I stopped it and went in. I ever took this bus before, as long as I knew, it is passing Democracy Monument.

And then, I got wrong again! @_@
Seems I love being lost that night, huaaa... T_T
The bus's officer asked me to stop at the next bus stop and I didn't need to pay. She said I have to across the street and waited for number 157 again.

When I walked across the street I said to my self, enough!
This time I won't get lost anymore! hehehe...
I didn't know where was I at that time. Then I saw a girl in front of me. That girl seemed a nice girl and I tried to communicate with her but she can not speak English.. @_@
God!... but I did not give up. I kept on trying to explain with tarzan language.  Well, she also did not understand what I meant, but she have an idea..

She took her cell phone and called her boy friend. She said, her boy friend understand English. And the next things was, I talked to her boy friend. He understand what I meant, but I can not hear clearly what he said. His English pronounciation made me confuse.

Then I gave the phone back to the girl. I did not know what they talked about, but after that she took my hand and gave me code to follow her. And then we walked together.. I tried to communicate with her, mix using English and tarzan language, hehehe.. She is very nice person.. (^_^)

And then we arrived at bus stop. There we met a man, Ooo...the man was her boyfriend, he waited for us there. Afterwards, we talked again about my situation. There was a police officer too. The police man said that I should take cab/taxi because Ratchadamoen area were dangerous thesedays due to demonstration. But I did not want to take a cab cos I saw  traffic jam everywhere, it means I will spend alot of money for cab. And did not bring enough cash.. :p

And then I took my notes and gave it to her boyfriend, asked him to write the bus number which is serving Khaosan Road route. He smiled when saw my notes and wrote number 516 and 42. Thank God.. finnaly.. (^_^)
After that, the couple went away, they were holding hands and said 'bye bye...' while smile to me as I did to them.. what a nice couple and very helpful, alhamdulillah.. tengkyu guysss.. (^_^)

It was 08 PM when I sat in the bus number 516. That night, the street looked bussy. Traffic jam  along the street to Khaosan Road. Goshhh.. if I used cab, how much should I pay? with this bus (AC), I only have to pay 10 bath. :D

A half hour latter, the bus reached Khaosan Road. It stucked! the bus have to turn back due to Rachadamneon Road was closed by demonstrans. Many passangers disembarked here, so did I. It almost 09 PM when I touched Khaosan Road. I got little bit surprised, cos this road looked more chaos. Street vendors filled the roadsides and the center of the street.

I walked again and saw many people around my hostel. They were demonstrans, wearing yellow t-shirt. I kept on walking and went in the hostel. I felt so tired that day. I just want to sleep, but I can't sleep.. :'(
I got fever that night, and my body so itchy. Plus, there were so noisy outside. From my room I can hear people speaking with microphone, sometimes they yelling and screaming.. very annoying.. :'(

I did not know what time I fall asleep. All I know, around 4 AM, I woke up because I heard people talking outside my room. First, I guessed there were another guests but it was not! Those people were demonstrans! what were they doing in this early morning?? When I looked outside, I saw they were queueing the rest room. And they numbers were alot!

An old white man (a guest also) looked wearing towel. He came up here to take a bath. But the bathroom were full with demonstrans. He looked pissed off and went down again.. *poor old man* @_@
Then I prefered to wait at my room until those demonstrans gone. After that I went shower and packing.

Last Day at Bangkok

Day 7, Monday, 09 Dec' 2014

At 08 AM I left hostel and bought Thai Tea first before I left. When I waited for that beverage, one of the seller's friend asked her, was I from Philipines? She said 'yes' while nodding her head. I said nothing but smile. They think I am from Philipines, why they don't think I come from Indonesia?.. :p

And then I walked to Phra Atit street. I want to use bus to go to Hua Lamphong Station. But.. when I reached that street, Phra Atit was full with demonstrans (yellow t-shirts). Buses, and cars can not pass that way, only motorcycles.

Then I decided to change transportation, by boat. I went to Phra Atit Pier. From Phra Atit Pier I went to Sapan Tak Sim Pier.

Sceneries along Chao Praya River.

From Sapan Tak Sim Pier, I took BTS train and went to Sala Daeng Station. Ticket only 28 bath. But when I reached Sala Daeng, the station was full with demonstrans.. This time they number were huge!

Demonstrans at Sala Daeng Station

BTS and MRT station.

From BTS Sala Daeng, I took MRT to Hua Lamphong Station. At 10 AM, I hitted Hua Lamphong Station. I was so glad when I finnaly arrived Hua Lamphong. My plan for that day was left my backpack at station and spend my last day in Bangkok at MBK Mall, hehehe..

But when I saw demonstrans came out from Hua Lamphong Station and their number were huge. I canceled my intention to go to MBK. I assumed bangkok's street were full with demonstrans today (when I have arrived at Jakarta and read the news. Demonstrans were doing massive demonstation that day).

I dicided to wait at Hua Lamphong Station. Then I bought ticket to Don Muang Airport. You know how much I need to pay? only 5 bath! so... cheappp (^_^)

FYI: If you want to go to Don Mueang Airport with this train, you should check and recheck your flight schedule and the train schedule.  The train to Don Mueang Airport only available in the morning and afternoon, at midday it close. Better you check their website for sure ;)

At 11.20 AM my train will come. While waiting, I bought food for lunch at Halal Food in Foodcourt. Rice + vegetables + egg only 50 bath. And I bought snacks also, 37 bath for 3 pieces of breads, and 1 bottle mineral water, 12 bath.

And I waited for the train at waiting room. When the time was 11.20 AM I heard announcement from speaker. But I can not hear it clearly. I woke up from my chair, and walked into the platform. I saw a train. I thought that was the train to Don Mueang, and then I asked an officer. But he did not understand what I was saying. I gave him my ticket  so he can check. After read it, he said no.

Olrite.. then I waited there, at platform. But I can not relax. I was very sure that was the train to Don Mueang Airport. Then I saw another officer. I asked him was that train to Don Mueang Airport? Again, he did not understand what I was saying. But he took my ticket and read it.
"Ah, Don Mueang Airport, yes yes...," he said while pointing his finger to the train next to us.

I smiled, and said thank you. But before I went in the train, he said, "Your spelling is wrong.. not Don Mueang, but Don Beuang."
I smile and repeat what he said, "Don Bueang.." and we both laugh.. ;))

When the train was driving, I realized this is the same route to Ayyuthaya.. :)
At 13.30 PM, I hit at Don Meuang Station. The train stopped only a couple minutes, so you should be hurry if you disembark here.

Don Mueang Station and train ticket 5 bath

Don Mueang Station is a small station. This station has a bridge which is connecting train station and airport. You just have to follow the instructions and you will be inside of Don Mueang Airport.

Well..that is the end of my journey in Thailand.. Hope these articles are helpful and you all like it and enjoy read my story.. :D

So long Thailand... hope we will meet again some other times ;)


Ifa Abdoel

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